35700 CR 77, Lake George, CO 80827, US

scenario based firearms training for self-defense and HOME INVASION.


Those who have been to other national train programs

 “These guys do not really ask you to accept anything on their 'authority'. The interviews they have done with cops, killers and even Death Row inmates are a bit scary to even whatch but you really see how these people think and how real shootings occur. I was amazed at how many of them were shot and even multiple times with large caliber pistols and yet were not stopped! The legal section was very clear and down to Earth and I see now that this part of the curse was worth the price of admission right there. You don't have to commit a crime to go to prison you just have to be convicted of one as Peyton demonstrates with case studies. You learn not only how to deal with the police on the scene but why and the tricks they use to get you to convict yourself before you have a lawyer”  Don Musien 

Those with some experience with firearms training

 “I  came to the course by myself and figured I'd be taking the course by myself too. That was OK with me but it was not like that at all. I learned stuff from every scenario I watched as well as my own. The instructors with Peyton make you feel like your are nearly family. There seemed like there was some 'down time' but I realize that was actually part of this very well thought out program too. They don't try to make you 'drink from a firehouse' they make it intense for sure but also fun and you leave knowing what you know”  

Bill Cirillio 

Those with no or very little experience with firearms

 “I had done some target shooting and my husband taught me gun safety and he had taken the course before and really insisted I did too. I was reluctant as I still imagined some type of 'Rambo' testosterone soaked 'guy thing'. But it was not like that at all. Everyone supported everyone else and we sort of became like a learning team. There were a lot of laughs between the stress of the scenarios. These people know what they are doing at every step of the course and it really opens your eyes and mind” Janice Freed 

 “There was much more to this Stresshooting cvourse than I imagined. We started with scenarios with just hostile people verbally abusing us and it was quite surprising how this felt and how disorienting it was. Later on in the action scenarios having to decide to present or not was previous work was really usefull . In fact it really applies to dealing with any hostile person effectively in nay situation. The weapon retention drills against the armored assailant were very intense and enlightening because tou saw how you could be disarmed if you did the wrong thing. I have studied TKD for years and I am 2nd degree black belt. Even so these drills kneeing the armored assailant hard to the groin and striking full power to the head showed me some realities about hand to hand fighting I just never realized in my TKD training.” Andrew Bush 

A comment on the legal Module

The legal section and the case studies were frightening on the one hand, I mean people who so obviously acted in their self defense alone being convicted and imprisoned.  I  saw how  facing a  jury is like a roulette wheel. Peyton clealrly showed how something you say at the scene of the incident, when you are shaken and stressed can still convict you on the spot and there may be no way back from that.

How Peyton can provide this training at $650 is amazing, with food and lodginmg right here.  At another well known firearms training school I went to I had to buy almost half that for ammo to take their course! This traing was very much superior to that other school too and the atmosphere here is really quite pleasant.  

Kurt Smit

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This place is sort of like a resort the scenario is magnificent in evry direction and we we saw Elk on the property. The course itself was mind blowing.They got so much done but it still was not 'push puch let's hurry up" course at all. Looking back on it I see everything was really planned well to achive that.